Now Clean Without Logo! – Fantech Helios XD3 v2 review


he tries



urges him to tag Helios SD Tri, there was a boom

last year, the mud was indeed detectable,

there was no review, but still

no use for playing games together so that

Daksa R2 exists, and even though it’s

I got a review to see

how it performs, man, and it’s

still being used by the editor, UD

tecna for gaming footage, OK? There’s a

little bit you can jump up and down.

This is really

for us to discuss and we will

also improve with the first version to

get this Mouse. I shopped through

the official website, Vente, it’s easy to

find the website, my

friend. Just type vemmtec in Google Search, it immediately appears

at the top, when I click on the website

, promos immediately appear.

What’s really interesting, for example, is

there’s a lively promo that offers a

70% Apple discount and free shipping, of

course Yes, let’s immediately look for the

product we want to buy, just type

exbitrade in the search column and look for

the one that says v2 if it

‘s old obstetrics, it looks really like

the vintage logo, which is really big, it’s

easy, the difference is the price is also different.


white one Break Like to cart and click

on the bed in the upper right corner immediately

click go to check-out then select the

courier I choose as fast as Aida click

next again the only thing to do is choose the

payment method and yes the product has

arrived in my hands and here it is Hi

beautiful Helios SCTV 2 Sky last, it’s similar, in terms

of packaging, it’s still the same as father,

with the first version of the Ditri box

dominated by white. Maybe what

makes the difference is in the product photo and the

embossed v2 and the new sensor in the upper right corner,

right, left side, bottom, is

still the same, but on the back it’s different, is

n’t it? there is a fox display again on the

box on TV 2, what if the contents are

similar, bro, when you buy it, there is

a mouse unit a step separator cable

with a length of 1.8 meters, user manual,

warranty card and spare mosfet. Only

difference. For Helios X fans on this tv2

there is a greeting card from the CEO of

Indonesian fintech and most importantly,

there is an extension for the Nano receiver,

this extension is provided to answer

complaints from the first version of user.exe ditri

who complained about the collection and even then the

bodyguard likes Los colores the server is

placed behind the PC if you

ask if this is the all-new vampire Helios

SD 3 or just a facelift my answer

is only resley with a

big change from the complaints of the first version of FB users

Brekes became a geek in Greenwich,

the first Xbox live user and here comes the

xd3 V2. If I were to say it’s the

same Mouse, tomorrow it’s okay to

use the same sir edition.




hand size Most people make

my big hand size Even though it’s

still comfortable, the most striking change

is in the branding of the large Vemmtec logo

on the back of the mouse.

Fitri is the first version, now in the second version.

It’s been cleaned, I claim there is no

logo as big as Gaban anymore. There’s still

the effect of the song bredding, but it’s very small

at the bottom. This is really

what users of SD Tri are complaining about in the

first version, bro, the sound is as big as it sounds,

it’s more than this, right. If the back

is clean without the second branding and the

receiver gel doesn’t come off

anymore on the first exbitrade and the receiver gel is

easy to come off If you put it

on the smooth body Now, edited the

second version. It’s been fixed so that it doesn’t

come off again and changes to the

design. It’s also Geli and

the first version of the Ditri glass looks normal

with black Helios writing,

Danger xdrive25d is more minimalist

and clean with white Vemmtec writing.

Now on the channel this receiver

also has some complaints about Lost

Connection if plugged it into the USB on

the back of the PC personally, I

‘ve never had sex because it’s the

position and the gel. I plugged it in the

front of the cash, which was very close to the

boss, you know, the re-casing

I’m using is an Open face band Stable type,

so it’s a different USB port.

the final is really close to the mouse position,

but calm down, edited the reversion, the two

friend tags have given a kind of extender

or expansion so that the distance between the

boxed receivers is even

closer if you edit the first reversion, right,

so give it an official extension, but there

is still one more complaint from laptop users

what they say is that the WiFi connection seems to disappear

when it’s plugged in and the receiver

is XD the first version of the trick, but if you

use where’d there’s no problem at

all, so the WiFi connection is subject to

interference from Donald’s receiver,

in this case it might be the same as

using PWS Bluetooth on a cellphone By

using a Wifi connection to play

games, it’s a fight for the connection, bro.

Well, k I don’t know about this, but I

personally always use a connection.

So I’ve never had a complaint

like the Wifi connection suddenly disappeared

East on the laptop because otherwise the connection

won’t be affected by interference from the

WiFi adapter or receiver

, the three sensors used in

SCTV 2 have been upgraded if on FB three the

first version still uses the sensor, not

13335 if in SD 3 the second version has been

upgraded to PicsArt 3370 just look at

the Sensor section of these two Masnya x

Fitri the first version has acceleration at

40 J with Spike 400 IPS trekking

while the next the second version has an

acceleration of 50h with the same trekking speed

at 400 IPS the second editable level

is from 400 to 19000 DPI

while the x-type ditri level of the

first version from 100 to 16,000 DPI has a

maximum polished of 1000 holds with a

melody that can be customized as

low as one mm in the software part

by using the latest sensors makes the

use of extraversion power the second one it’s

lower, free, so it’s more efficient, the

battery still uses a battery

capacity of

735h with a claimed battery power of 70

hours or 3 days non-stop with

RGB life conditions. If you finally die or use

Eco mode, it’s definitely more durable, in

short, if you use this mouse

in one day of use The average is

8 hours when the AC is on, which means the

battery can last for eight

days. And you can

see the battery indicator in the software.

You can also use the software to

adjust the function of each button,

then you can set the DPI card. You can set

polygraph from 125 Heart.

You can adjust the 250R 500 Doors and 1000 Hearts,

too, the mouse sensitivity

rolling speed, double-click speed can also be

adjusted, you can customize the macro function as

well and you can set the RGB lighting mode.

Interestingly, you can set the duration of the auto

slime, bro and you can set it off

or on. Arjuni when the MOS is

activated, the function is if you

want to use a mouse this one is in

arjuni’s state on but still want to

save power, just turn on the them of

lightweight movie feature. So if you

move the dog’s LCD will turn off If you keep it still it’s

Lieutenant General who will turn on oh


you can turn off the LED in William’s Scroll section via software if you only turn it on

there is bridging or steady mode and

even then it only turns green.

Yes, that’s roughly the difference

between the first short edit and the

second extraversion. Black and the

weight is still the same, yes, it’s 83 G

drivetech glue.


the receiver has been removed that

number is already light but

not too light or can’t be

called an ultra-light gaming mouse In

terms of performance for gaming, the

difference is that Bre-x in the second trimester

has better performance when used

for competitive gaming like Kaloran

from the level of accuracy and the consistency of

the pointer movement is more accurate

and just a lower melody it can

really help if you

lift your mo often so it’s easy to

reach our hands and if you lift it up

to a height of one mm the sensor

won’t detect movement, so

the second version is even better

in terms of motor performance




this is the money Hey


I’m ready Hey I’m









a trace The

Lex owner is Abdul

80010038, I think you guys are

discussing between V1 and V2 from the Vented

Helios xd3 and now we go to

the first conclusion for the price for the

price of the Iusex ventricle on TV2 it is

priced at 650 rupiah. As

for the price of the Vemmtec Helios x-drive

First, the price has dropped to

530 IDR 9,000 so the difference is around

100 IDR 60,000 Do you think

the 160,000 difference is worth

buying? li if for example you


there is an improvement in the software section and

now you have claimed the design and the design is more

minimalist yibba I have written in

the comments column about your opinion

on this SSD Drive 2 ventricle III like

this if you like it if it’s bad and

don’t forget to press the

subscribe button so that you haven’t subscribed


to this channel, see you in another video er



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