More Comfortable Than Gaming Chair – GTCHAIR DVARY X BUTTERFLY Ergonomic Chair

he appealed to

my father as a worker in the

creative industry or what is usually called a

content creator, that screen on

time in front of the monitor really really

needs a chair that is right

for daily use because

half of my life is in front of the

monitor so it becomes a chair the profane thing is

really really important for maintaining the

posture of the health room in general

because Chung is the fact that Sitting too

long can cause safe blood pressure to

increase blood sugar as well as being able to accumulate

fat in the waist I

eat sitting down and just sit down, it’s like a 5

month pregnant mother Okay That’s enough so I

decided to look for an ergonomic chair

because indeed in our studio it

was a storm to use gaming chairs and

finally I decided to take it from the

jdcr brand. Maybe you think

the names of jdcr are right, jdcr itself

is one of the giant chair products

from China that was founded since

1992 please water sir and until now

managed to sell l Their products are in 82

countries, so the quality of the products is

guaranteed, cuy I saw the full product,

you can check their official website,

namely or you

just subscribe to their YouTube channel,

namely jjpatcher Leading ergonomic

chair, he is so good I decided to

take an ergonomic chair From the gpcr,

you could say the price is still in, for sure

, this is the gpcr depari X

butterfly. But before that, it did

n’t come right away, so it came in the

condition of using the box and we assembled it

first, if the packaging is similar to the

gaming chair we’ve

reviewed before Use Indomie cardboard,

which is really big,

when you first open it, the filling is old,

but the material is cardboard, dude. Usually

it’s good and double-sided. Um Mayan,

there’s Patrick, the starfish

or buzz. This chair finally has a

small town that contains all five wheels.

and the gas lift or hydraulics,

then there’s a backrest that’s already done

it blends directly with the armrest and the

holder, and finally there is a box

that contains haters and

smells a little tan but before we assemble it’s

a good idea. Sometimes we pray first,

according to our respective religions, so that we will

be given instructions immediately, but we

also have to read the manual, too

so you don’t get confused about the ground BTW, the

assembly method is on page 9 Usher

gfxui and the user is stuck on the

back of the battery, it’s very practical to assemble it

, break it because there are several parts

that are connected directly, the first step is to

attach the five wheels to the

base, don’t forget to press it again to

make sure The wheels are already

installed tightly, then we’ll install the gas

lift into the middle of the wes, don’t

turn it around, then just plug Indah into

the seat unit and the last step is just to

install the headrest, it’s done bro,


we’ll just review Caliber on the ergonomic chair from

Zippyshare So yesterday I had time to

make I Instagram Stories Yes, I will

post it but only the haters

are showing Zippyshare’s writing and

I said that we will review the

style and it turns out that you guys have

chosen to do this,

PureView has just been intended to be used, but

before that it’s for your information for the

DPRD this variety butterfly is available in

two color choices, the black color that I

bought, and the white color in general,

the front side of the jdcr the variety

butterfly is quite minimalist

with a predominantly black mess

except for the reff part, part of the mess,

partly synthetic leather and

there is embossed branding from jdcr

This masnya is a combination of

polyester fiber and the best dupont yarn

which is guaranteed not to erode easily,

so don’t worry about it tearing, it’s

also not easy to burn and the color

fades easily. It’s good to have a chair with

a machine surface that doesn’t get hot or

hot because C is still around

our bodies. keep awake ma’am At

the ice arm, it uses foam material

whose density is quite dense so it’s not

too soft but it’s comfortable enough

to continue to the back side, it looks very

modern thanks to doing it

here and there and also the Coating rom that

is in most of the numbers from the

back side, at a glance, we will see the

silhouette of the butterfly on the frame, this is

what so this is from the naming of the defary X

butterfly bra, usually this also

means that butterflies can

fly which means freedom and have

a beautiful appearance and that’s the DP for the

discussion of the ergonomic chair,

now I’m I will discuss the features and

functions, if this is an

ergonomic chair, it has a lot of features

and functions, it’s not just like

a gaming chair. First, I’m free,

starting from the top, namely the

headrest. We can adjust it to three

stages. Jasman to get the best position

in the Our neck bones start from Hi

kjasemen to adjust the

user’s height always The angle can also be

adjusted forward or backward.

Hi thanks to the flexible mutinghe bag

and finally the surface

of the haters can also be stepped on according

to our sitting conditions up to 45° down a



we break,

then at crack, there is a direct connection, the

position is single, so it’s single,

that’s what it’s called, sing sliding

structure, there’s an evas feature or

automatic posture setting for each system, the

core is beatriz and the seat can be

flexible to adjust the way we sit.

How to use it, just press the button

on the side On the right of the seat

, there is another feature, there is a reclining backrest up to 160°. It’s

useful for lying down so you don’t get

too tense, cuy, how to activate the

reclining feature, just pull the

pedal, upgrade the left, move to the bottom of the

seat, there are two levers on the

first lever on the right side for style

bakersfield Tension adjustment or

make a styl e Cancer, the account is up

to you whether it’s tight or loose,

just turn it around according to your taste, the

second lever is on the front which is in the form of a

circle, the physical version of the wedding website

, or in short, for the style of the wedding fans,

whether it’s tight or loose, slide

to the top, there is a high

adjustment feature by pressing And hold down the

button on Andreas’ stem, it’s vulnerable. Hey,

it’s all about 6 cm. The break

armrest can also be shifted left and right

by 24° and the most interesting thing is that

there is a paddle on the front of the two reseers.

This pedal is inspired by the

silver transmission in F1 cars, if you haven’t already.

You know, a cool Sibre racing car

, the right function is to move the seat up and down

using hydraulics, while the left pedal is to

activate the Bikers reclining feature,

which went down to the bottom, let’s

talk about hydraulics and the hydraulic bass

uses a class 4 gas lift which can

adjust high around six or seven

cm. Then the next day, use aluminum material with a

diameter of 70 cm, okay? It’s been

tested to grow and can withstand a load of

up to 113.04 kg, it’s crazy OK, you guys

, the features and functions of this

Depari X Butterfly cpcr ergonomic chair

and we’re going to jump right into the price.



My stomach and health are also maintained,

because now I have started

exercising, because I have been sentenced to

death and subscribe. Yes, I have been sentenced,

Yaozuru, does all

kinds of healthy sports, so I have to change

my lifestyle, I definitely will and for the price

of this ergonomic gdcd variax

butterfly chair, if we see

abroad it costs 370 dollars on

the website but if it is

converted in IDR or rupiah it’s

around 5.4 million 5.4 million for

a real ergonomic chair class, yes, the

features are there and for a

health chair, it’s really worth it really

because usually ergonomic chairs

are above 10 million, but this is

at 5000000, it’s already a lot The

features and features that I like about this

gpcr, the variax butterfly or

Virgoun, these features are the sing

sliding structure, meaning that if

we press this button, for example, between the

backrest and the seat, the seat pad

is in sync, so it

goes back and forth and stays on press this

for reclining, yes, continue this

for the haters, really, the service is

complete, there are three jasmineleps, so it

adjusts to our neck posture

and this is also to adjust to

our back posture, so

this is a chair, not a chair spread. Yes, because

it is a gaming chair And the lumbar

support uses a pillow, if this is Man, the

lumbar support is really designed

so that it can be adjusted ergonomically,

right and the most important thing is that you use MS,

not skin, so if

you don’t use AC, it won’t be hot,

because MS is like that. It’s open,

guys, most of the office situations are like

that, okay, bye, so that’s the time to

discuss it or My review

regarding this ergonomic city car seat is

the Zippyshare depari X butterfly and

for the price, what do you think?

Are you the type of person who cares about your

health too?

Since YouTube was here,

maybe three years ago it was just a

headache and now I

‘m thinking about it. my health because

yesterday I entered the lyrics I’m taking medicine

and now I’m starting to feel healthy.

Bismillah, okay, that’s enough and is it at a

price of 5.5 million, if we

convert it to rupiah, it’s fairly

cheap for this class of ergonomic chair.

Try writing it in the comments column and you guys

buy it on the official website,

, another credit, he seems

direct, the link is in the description,

so that’s all. also works if

I’m bad and don’t forget to subscribe to


this channel.

Thank you, see you in another video bye bye


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hi hi



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