IT’S NEW DEEPCOOL! – Deepcool AK400 review

al-buruj if my profession is very hot,

spanish, spanish, processor

, the hellfire is even hotter. The Prophet

sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam once

said that the

hell fire is 69 times

hotter, according to the hadith narrated by al-Bukhari

and Muslim,

only shave the hot fire of hell

Brother, if the Bunga processor is

hot, he can just use it and hit the av400


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh on oncom Ladies

and gentlemen, my friend, the CPU

or processor is heating up, even

though the processor is

not hot, alpiner God, this time we have

a cooling or air

cooler The Sri brand that we often review

is beaten, of course, it’s kind of okay to beat

Mangli branding, Ma’am,

right from the start, the logo was self-branding,

then what happened to the fortress.

Why is that up to him?



like The coral has been hit, it’s been pushed

aside. Yan has a keyboard and a mouse, there’s

also a mosfet. The headset hasn’t followed yet

and it’s not just the

logo, it’s just self-branding.

Are you aware of self-branding, but also

products that have been in breeding for a long time, for

example, Nikita? there is the

arrival of a cooling air cooler, the

deepcool ak-400, now aka this series will

replace the game series that has been around for a very long time

, which we have been or often used to,

Devil also continues to have A series on the island,

that series will replace Assassin.

It should be from Deep cool or the

high series end Yes, that’s how it is bro, but

how about dark for the price itself. Actually, the

price is the same, why is it the same as the game

series, I often review and use it often, the

games are also played with the story and

we will compare later for the

performance between being hit by the

latest reading, AK-400 and hitting it with

deepcool gammax the service is OK, there are a

lot of other ex400g mxgp games, etc

But actually the

basics are the same, it’s the same thing, just the frame is different,

just because of the problem, let’s just

review it and then we will benchmark it, we will

test the performance from the

latest poll that was selected, hit AK-400,

let’s go, let’s go, we’ll discuss it starting

from the packaging, it’s free, it looks minimalist.

like deepcool products, most of them are

dominated by white color with listos k

which has become their trademark. The

contents of the purchase package include a cooling unit

that is already integrated into the frame, then

there is a user manual and there is a plastic pack

containing furniture and

sockets. The socket itself is multi-platform free, you

can make it AMD, which is socket am4 can also be used

for Intel, starting from socket


50151 1200 and the latest socket, Intel


fools deepcool, there are 400 including the snake,

Tower type, it looks quite

simple with a single Tower heatsink

and single.fin there are two escos based on the

color of the first bro the one with a black frame

with a silver heatsink and the

second one there is also the 400 WH or the white

Edition which is full white, unfortunately

for the white edition it has not

officially entered Indonesia for the dimensions of the

divula k400 which has a length of 127 mm times a

width of 97 mm and a height of 155 mm,

this is what you need to pay attention to if you

want After recovering this, first make sure

that your PC case has a screen that is

cleared more than 155 mm so that it doesn’t get

stuck if the weight itself is

okay, b660, 1gram, continue to buzz, the

display of the AK-400 this Saturday, the offer is

now neat, there are no

hip bumps that usually appear in

games the series continues to be hit, this offer is

also on the small ear in the form of a logo

being hit with a green Tosca accent, the

casing has a distance that can

be expected to provide

more optimal heat distribution, break it and now it’s

beaten, it’s more aesthetic, yes, free The

front and back sides of the heatsink have been fixed

These models are not plain,

just like yesterday’s SEA Games, continue to

the fan section, they appear full black until i

to the frame it’s also free this fan is

12 cm in diameter with

dynamic fansplit between 500-1000 850

arvient because 4pin PWM cable is available for

fanspage control, airflow capability

reaches 66 C VM with noise not

up to 29 decibels, much quieter

than the average library that

has nice level reaches 45 decibels

down to the bottom for the basketball

speaker, this is the reason I did

n’t give

it when I bought the package, it turns out that the purchase package is already available on the speaker,

this is a pretty break, we made this pattern, the

paste coverage will be more even when

we plug it in, or the

processor is deepcool ak-400 it uses

4yid for heat distribution, of course it’s

made of copper which will

turn the conductor well, break. Ok, that

‘s my review or brief review

about the cooler from being hit, it was

hit by ak-400 and after I saw that

the old series was hit, it was hit by the

games series by being hit aka the series

here it will be 400 turns out actually

In terms of size, Gammax

Restu’s deepcool is bigger, but in terms of weight, the

HK series will be 400, it’s

heavier, sir, so it’s true. Beating

it makes it more complex, denser and

more solid.


just fill it up to be

rejected. The apparatus weighs about

516 grams and after we weigh it with the

fan, it’s also true that 400 was sent home,

it weighs 662 G, so the difference is

around 50grams, it’s free for the

weight, so it’s really similar to

their newest peltu

in terms of the fan and according to the fan, according to I’m

really good, sir, the quality is better

than the previous


one, it’s thicker, the quality and if you don’t have one fan, I’ve provided 1

pair, it has a lock, so

if you can add one more frame to make

it a dual fan Sir okay, now

let’s test it the performance is from these three

cooling because here we have 3 0

here, first, Daddy cool ak-400, of course,

second, there is a deepcool gammaxx GT V2 white

edition and the third is from another brand, the

id-cooling 224 XT which is basic but pitted against

Alfan, it’s okay, we tested dual fans

against one venue and was beaten, so

we tested indoors approximately 26°

using AC sir, so for the third time

I really tested the band test. I

personally use an AMD ryzen 5

3600 processor whose default path is

around 1.35 to 1.4 volts for the

next day it’s official 532 673 63 But he

it can be up to 4.2 GHz if for example the

skin is capable of 1.5 volts to

1.4 volts the high type should be

so we don’t need to overclock again,

sir, the ram package is iforce Extreme argj

twice 16GB ddr4 3603 Street 32 Giga power

supply using Facebook habiproyo

650watt which is 80plus bronze and also

for VGA colorful GeForce gtx650

which is gddr6 for ice we use Open

cast Bean Stable from Liang Lite 60

then here we test for

cin testing ebench r29 120 is quite

torturous, the second Jayabaya is in the

wholesaler of 400 which has Dual Fame at 72.5

degrees Celsius, the surprise is in the

wholesaler of 400 The single frame or the

default is at 74 degrees Celsius

and then here we test


Aida64 Extreme or stress So

actually you won’t find this

stress if for example you use

your head to edit videos, render

or play games because your performance is

really being tortured, sir. Processor

number 2 is Daddy cool ak-400, which uses

dual-fan, it’s at 8101 degrees Celsius,

only 0. 9 degrees and number three is

poured out hundreds of which are single.fin or the

default is 80 2.33 Celsius and if

we look at the performance of the scordia

idmgcext stress test method,

as a single parent, yes.




hai hai

hai hai


hai hai

Hai Once upon a time True but

everything is London

leaving handphone [ __ ] zz1

with your

Shining Trio the lov In the


last two, we tested to increase the

level or the noise level of

a quiet snake, so we dated

everything, yes and the quietest

one here is being hit by an ak-400 using an ak-400. The

single frame for the 35.8 decibel hydlide is

almost close for full credit and

for full the load is on 45com 8dc

bulpack So if you use dual Fancy it

should be a little noisy, sir, okay,

Brigadier General, he’s for the performance of the

three Kulings. I’ve already mentioned that and

now we’re talking about the price. The

price is actually not much

different from the old version, because the

version maybe a little more expensive sir

for the price than dikulak around

350,000 rupiah and what

do you think, is this ak-400 beaten OK for

use, I think it’s busy with carrots 5

3600 for walking in 4.1 Geger is still

safe, still enjoy it in 70-

degrees Celsius sir, but for playing games it does

n’t go up to 70 or even 65, sir,

so it’s still really safe to

use 5 3600 receipts or resin 7

3700 that’s okay, thanks for watching

this live, if you like it, dislike it if I’m

bad and don’t forget to press the subscribe button.

The red one, for example, if

you haven’t subscribed to this channel, the

answer is already boarding on this channel,

try it. Thank you, see you in

another video.

Assalamualaikum warohmatullohi


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