Install the Latest Lightest OS 2022 _ Puppy Linux 7.0 Slacko

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Welcome again to the channel like or not

in the video Previously I installed

Nick OS Linux friends,

for friends who want to see the video,

please go to the

autodidact gap to see the latest video,

here’s how install the latest Nico S

2022 and for this video we

will still try to install the

Linux operating system and this is Linux which is

quite light with friends

to install on PCs, friends who

have low or

medium specifications, friends for Linux that

will we install it is Puppy Linux

, friends, but the latest Linux

is Puppy Linux

7.0 with codename slako, friends,

but I will install this Linux on

Oracle VirtualBox and Man. Yes,

how to install it, please friends,

watch this video from start to finish

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New video from the


-taught idea channel Okay friends, let’s continue again

for the software that needs to be prepared,

of course the latest Papi Linux operation system

with the codename slako

watching can be downloaded via friends, please

download the slako 64 7.0 dot The iso

size is

343 MB, the size is only

343 MB, friends, it’s quite small,

friends, then friends, prepare

it for Oracle VirtualBox. Okay, now that

it’s prepared, let’s

continue with the installation process

for Oracle VirtualBox. I’ve

installed it and I have installed Slavko Linux.

I configured it in Oracle VirtualBox

I will not show you how to

configure it because

in the previous video I have

also provided a complete video on how to

configure the operation system through

Oracle VirtualBox.



using Oracle

Vi The full version of rtualBox can be found in

this video, Kali Linux or

the lxle Linux video, now this is also

complete, friends, for the video

now, let’s go directly to the

installation process so it doesn’t take too long

okay, here I have prepared it for

after the collinug, it’s up to us just click


yes, here we choose for Slako 64

but 7.0, now the top one,

friends, okay, let’s enter then

this will enter the Puppy Linux operation system,


okay, this is the latest one like this,

yes, click on the step up to cross it

to The monitor settings are here,

friends, because it looks too

small, let’s enlarge it first for the screen

resolution. OK.

Hi, I’ll change to 1360 first according to

my monitor.




this looks really

simple, yes, and indeed it is quite

light, friends, it can be

seen from the graphic above The desktop

environment of this Linux copy is like

Windows 98, friends, so it’s very

minimalist, but here for the

default software, there are quite a lot of viewers

who don’t have to worry, even though it

has a fairly simple display

and graphics are quite simple too,

but here it can still support

the software that has

watched a lot, OK, now, let’s do the

installation from Puppy Linux slackware.

This is the first step, friends, please

partition first for the virtual box hard disk

, which I have set, so I set it. If I’m

not mistaken, it’s 20

gigabytes, friends. We are Abdi in

his friends’ party, so to do

the hard disk partition process on Linux,

use the Partition Manager artist chip

, this friend just enters the

system that is parked in Partition Manager

or friends can go directly from the

Linux install icon here Yes Yes,

this one OK we’ll just go from here, yes, from Papi

Package Manager and universal installer.

From here to here dian, click on the installer,

click on this one, friends, internal

Hard Drive or SSD, yes, jos witchcraft to

install, just click on the hard drive image, OK,

here it’s still empty, friends,

because my hard drive has not been partitioned,

just click on this arthip chip to

partition the hard drive.

like this, it’s still a credit analog,

now let’s look at the Partition table,

yes, here is a device grabsend table, select

new Partition type, msdos play, OK,

then let’s make a new one first

and then here I will

make this size, friends, Eh, this is the flash

following first Well, I’ll fill it in first,

all right here, 4 GB

Hi, nah, hi, so that it will immediately

become two, friends, yes, 1

Hi, for the first, this is

the first partition to install

Linux or Puppy Linux.

Linux Swap the

Linux Swap partition Okay then we

hover over and allocated the

second one which is 4 gigabytes which

we will make as Linux Sw ap Now,

just click on the system file.

Navigate to Linux Swap ok

Hi, click add, like that, then

after that we play,

okay, if we have closed it,

then for the tfca one, this is

the place to install Linux,

right click then medley minutes

flexyah then select on boot here

tick food the close yes like that yes

If it’s like this we close

now back to Papi installer we

click on the hard drive image Now

here there is a hard drive detected we

will install Puppy Linux on it

the current drive or the sda1 one

, yes, we click here

hey okay you have Chosen to install fapet

UB Partition blablablabla for 16 GB

Rp16.000 MB OK click OK OK then

we are told to give a name

here just delete this one sleko 647

click install we wait OK, then

here, just select Yes, like to

install grub4dos, OK, yes, then

we click OK, don’t check this, Boss,

there’s something on it check yes no click ok

then we click ok again click ok again ok ok

then here we click ok ok

now let’s configure it first ok now you

can manually set up your grab grab word

OST Laila or other food system ok nah

this can be configured or not

friends, let’s try to configure it

later so that in this initial display there is a

choice, friends, choose Muntok

nipples, for example,

friends here, just click on SDN 1

of 1 time, it’s enough to click on

writing for this title Puppy Linux,

yes we copy and paste here to the

menu. mc Leste copy Continue Here below

here, enter, give the distance, paste it


OK, oh yeah, give it a good way, we’ll save it,

hopefully it will be Hatton, okay, OK,

so we’ll close this close, if only then

we click okay okay okay and now it’s

done friends, the installation process is

complete, friends, so it’s

very easy to install

Puppy Linux, but we just need to reboot the

system, just click the back application lottery

live Hi, hopefully it’s noisy, yes, this is saved




‘s go out first to the full-screen menu,


The Switch again, ah, paint RLC, now

I have to remove this first, for Puppy

Linux, this must be removed first.

adoti The problem is that it’s still stuck in

virtualbox, remove it first and then

turn it on again because it goes

Oh yes, it’s still using

Puppy Linux software, not from the virtual box hard disk,

none, now it’s turned off,

hey, turn it on again,

Hi, it looks like it will look different later.

if it’s nipple from the virtual box hard disk,


hi, okay, like this, friends

, we have configured the Crawford dos,

so we can choose

if Puppy Linux is made

as a dual port, which one is here,


okay, for this configuration, you

can set it, for example. later the

clock will be adjusted, yes, let’s

just leave it, click ok,

oh yeah, like that, then

don’t forget to set up the graphics,

Hi 1362 ok,

oh yeah like i it’s


Oh yes, let’s click full-screen mode,

hi, okay, friends, this is for

Puppy Linux Slako, which you can

install on a virtual box, and it’s very


okay, friends like that, yes, to

install Puppy Linux, which is the latest but

Lennox Lako 7.0, friends,

download it at and also

for VirtualBox, friends, you can

download it yourself okay friends,

thank you for watching this video from

beginning to end Don’t forget to like

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notification if there is a new video from the

yauto channel no thank you

wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh see you again in the next



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