Install DD-WRT Di Router Tp-Link TL-WR740N

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Welcome again to the air channel no

ok ok friends in the previous video

we discussed how to set this TL

wr740n for setting wisp mode or

as an extender or as a repeater

friends It’s the same as that

. and for this video,

I will upgrade this TP Link TL

wr740n using vmware dd-wrt,

its function will be much more optimal

than the embedded

freeware or original freeware from traveling.

this is from the beginning to the end

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okay, friends, let’s continue

to flash or upgrade

dd-wrt to this TP link TL wr740n yes the tools

and materials that need to be prepared are of

course TP Li nk TL wr740n for my tp-

link, this is version 4, friends,

so for the TL wr740n version 4, there are 4.22,

friends, please also prepare a LAN cable

because we will upgrade later, it also

requires a connection using Lan for

freeware, freeware dd-wrt please

friends, you can download it on the

official website of dd-wrt, we search first

for the website, now here,, friends, just go to

the database route, then Cindy in this column

or in this searching column, write down the

series the

router is wr740n here, the manufacturer of tp-link, the model

is tl-wr or wr740n for my tp-link,

this version

is 4x, let’s just click OK, here are

three files that need to be downloaded,

friends, what is needed for

flashing from dd-wrt to the tp-link

is this one guys, yes these two factors

are then the second one

is the TL one wr740n version 4w

and for the first file this is the

wr740n version 4 webrevert dotrar this

is the file used for uk

to return to the original firmware from

tp-link TL wr740n, please just click

here, yes, I have downloaded

all three, please download it

for my file, I have downloaded it

here, the factor is then TL

wr740n version 4 and so on

I have downloaded these three, everything is

okay, let’s just access it, but

let’s see my link through the browser, yes,

I’ll change the connection first Hi,

I’ve reset it before, OK, I’ve

reset it, we access it using the IP 192.168


Hi Then for the username like

usually admin admin sign in

hi okay see here Don’t get the

wrong version for the dd-wrt freeware

, friends Yes, please look at the

hardware version from tl-wr friends, yes, the

7 40n here is very clear version 4 If

it’s like this now we go to

system tools, yes it’s very easy for

the first step to enter system tools

then freeware Up grade just click on

browse then we look for freeware at au

file that we have prepared earlier ah yes

this is yes TL wr740n for the first we

will factor it Ok we click

Open yes this is ready yes friends yes

now we just need to upgrade click

upgrade for the most important thing

friends friends, so during

this upgrade process, try not to

let this link die, friends, so

maybe if the electricity goes out,

maybe it’s fate, friends,

I try not to let it

die, because later in

the middle The flashing process is dead,

this could be an error or break

, friends. Okay, now we’re upgrading.

Click on Upgrade.






if there is an error warning

like earlier, it means we just need to

connect this tp-link using

a LAN cable, friends, now this is

a dd-wrt factor, OK, friends n,

let’s continue for the router, it’s already

connected to LAN, with a

LAN cable here, Dilan 1901 to LAN on my PC

, friends, actually, the

DD-WRT WiFi has detected the

SSID, but I want to use Line,

friends, okay? access

192.1 68.1.1

yes for dd-wrt already installed on this

tp-link okay here it has entered the

belly of our tweet. Setyo the username and

password first so it’s easy I

want to be Sakti admin admin, admin


then this is also admin OK Ceng


I don’t update okay now, it’s already

entered into dd-wrt, then we’ll enter it

again, teler77 40n version 4, web flash,

just go to the administrator, now, sir, I

‘m asking for a username again,

hi admin admin ok

sign in

yo yo here administration here

already exists kiflyfe management command wolf

actor Edi Fals then freeware

upgraded and backup now we go

to freeware upgraded Please

friends please like a file

to upgrade we click b rowse then

search again for the file that we

prepared earlier, yes, the TL wr740n version

4 web flash bin click Open It’s already entered,

friends, if it’s

now all we have to do is click upgrade friends,

warning again or don’t let the

power go out, friends friends, if

friends use electricity, the token

is refilled, let’s see first the

electricity token, don’t run out,

now let’s click upgrade OK, hopefully

this goes well, let’s wait until the upgrade is

complete and it will restart itself


yeah, it’s back again, friends friends here,

let’s access again or friends


68.1.1 okay, now the flash process is

complete, friends, it’s very

easy, friends, you can try it, go to

TL wr740n friends and this is very

easy and for other cakes it’s also

direct detected here and in the

future we will be

setting up to use dd-wrt

on this tp-link 7 40 to connect

to the internet, friends yes or

with a hotspot Okay, just like that,

for our tutorial, this time upgrading

dd-wrt on tp-link 7 40n which is very

easy, friends,

thank you friends for watching this video

from start to finish Don’t forget to

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new video from the self-taught idea channel,

thank you wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh see you again in the next



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