Hot Laptop Using Cooling Pad Dong! – Deepcool UPAL Review



followers are back with me, Alvin, who

ordered on the kudet channel or the kude channel

and in this video we will

discuss worldly laptops because

I’m sure this year he or

he is still a lot of you

who use laptops for work.

play games for school assignments for college, write

various kinds of thesis

It’s up to you Yes because it’s

possible that you have

high mobility or Joe often goes to the

office, Bro or go to school

to college, it’s up to you so you really need a

laptop, especially now, the

price of partitions Damn, it’s crazy, it’s gone up

, so instead of rafting a pc, it’s

better to buy a laptop right away,

so just use it, you don’t need

to bother anymore, the name is assembling a PC,

that’s right, and this time we

will discuss worldly decisions but

focus more on laptop accessories, for

example. Like what I’m going to review

this time, Hi, there’s a

notebook cooling pad or a laptop cooling pad p from

deepcool, the package is really big at the

back and it doesn’t fit my

face, sir.





which costs

14000000 is my laptop

at this price going to be for the

sake of Pepsodent 165,000 rupiah.

Let’s just review, let’s

go, let’s go test about the dimensions, hit Yup Al, it

has a length of 39 cm times a width of 28 cm

with a thickness of 2.7 cm and is able to

support a laptop measuring a maximum of 15.6

details, really fits perfectly cuyama the laptop we

use for testing and this time, the

Asus tuff Gaming a15 by design looks

minimalist with a full black bandage

without any archive or LCD frills

, Legend for what the PHD cooling is

like [ __ ] even though right? On LG or the

meaning of bingit will also give you the most correct limpanas,

yes, a design like this is

cute if you don’t eopolitics use a combination

of metal material for the top layer of Mas

and a slightly thin plastic for the cash at

the bottom, if the

adjustable spam section uses plastic which is

quite solid, while the supports are

definitely made of steel to make it more sturdy

and durable, back to the top there are

two pieces The 140 mm diameter fan

placed on the right and left of the

coolingpad is expected to be able to

cool more hotspots or

hot spots on our laptop.

This fan has a static file speed of

1000rpm so it’s not too noisy.



straight to the bottom of our laptop,

still at the top, there is a 2.0 punk that

we can suit if you want to use a cooling

PAD when the conditions are tilted, just calm down, cuy

there is a transfer layer so we do

n’t know the blisters where the

new laptop drops to the bottom there are

four points It’s anti-slip so it doesn’t slide easily,

unfortunately I’m the only one with a

layer n the other two rappers are just

plain plain and there is a thick coat stand which

consists of six angles of inclination starting

from 0° aka straight conditions, there are

20° 30° 35° 40° and the most tilted at 45°,

what does a laptop do when you tilt it,

actually? adjust to

our sitting posture, guys. So if you’re

still using a popular plastic chair that does

n’t have a high adjustment feature,

like on a coolingpad gaming chair, this

is really useful so that our laptop screen

can be perpendicular to our eyes, so

we’re not in the past, isn’t it

good for our neck bones? and

our spine when it’s

tilted, whether it’s 20° or 45°

this coolingpad will form the letter u

as the name suggests this can save space

on the table or still you So you

have more space to put

air freshener or pencil basket,

for example, still on the side below, we

will also find double power deepcool you

fell, this is about 60 cm long and the

interface uses a USB typ The

USB passthrough model is important, it’s free,

because the USB port on the laptop is

really limited. If you don’t use this USB

passthrough, you’ll lose

one USB port when you use the

coolingpad and the USB pastor is cute. This is already

using the yuesbi tripoint protocol. Oh, that’s

transferred to 4.8 gigabits per

second Wow, that’s crazy, but it’s a shame, it’s a thousand,

dear, the size of this cable is quite

thin, so I

‘m a little worried if it’s pinched, I’m afraid it will break, Kance, so

if you want to save Pep’s poll, please

pay attention to the cable, don’t be surprised,

with Ken,

OK, so he reviewed or a

brief review from me regarding the coolingpad

from this hit, it’s deepcool yuval,

now we test it

for daily use using the laptop I

use, this is the Asus tuf Gaming a15

with an AMD ryzen 5 4600 h&z processor, the view

is the invidia GeForce GTX 650ti

laptop or notebook, yes and we I’m going to

test some games too and we

‘ve got it here, here for the

question without asking use the cooling pad it’s

around 52 degrees Celsius and after

using the cooling pad from

deepcool Yuval he goes down sir from 52° to 47°

Celsius Wow the house is 5° quite a rock

but it’s in Idol condition yes indeed

racing.exe is in ideal condition, why

can it be as low as That’s probably because

the bottom surface of the laptop doesn’t

directly touch the wood surface,

because my table is made of wood, so

it’s not good heat conductor.

As for Yini, she uses holes on the surface

like members.

And she’s not wood,

but this is Nepal, so Japan. It conducts

better heat, and

then we test to play the first game,

there is an earthquake in Loran when we play

the Valoran game, it turns out that the temperature

difference is not that

significant, for example, when I don’t use a

cooling pad, I feel the temperature is

still the same when I use a coolingpad.

So, between not using a coolingpad

or using a coolingpad, the temperature is the

same, for example The CPU temperature is

at 65 degrees Celsius, without

using a cooling pad, when using a

coolingpad, it goes up and down 465 465, so

for playing games, this Clivet channel

can’t lower the laptop temperature and we have

an even tougher

game date, the Apex Legends game, it’s a pretty good game.

It’s heavy, sir, and in the Apex Legends game

, right before using Fred’s cooling

, the temperature went up and down or the temperature was

n’t stable anymore, sometimes it went down, sometimes it went

up and it was really high.

For example, when I played the Apex Legends game

, the temperature could touch


76 -77 degrees Celsius and the average is

around 7 three 74-75 without

using yellow-local government after

using a cooling pad when playing

this Apex Legends game, the maximum is

around 72 73 74 but it doesn’t arrive at

75-76 or 77 so it’s for playing

this Apex Legends Kyle game can still

lower the temperature of this Asus tuff Gaming

15 laptop and maybe if it’s for example

playing light games like the CS game ma’am continue

the Dota 2 or Kaloran games, the

graphics are just too heavy, maybe the

coolingpad is just keeping the

temperature stable, while for example, if

you play a heavy game, you just feel like

Twitter is a game that puts

a lot of weight on it, right,

and let’s just date it for the

noise. Yes, because Nos is

really important. Is the coolingpad

deepcool, yes. The line is noisy, yes, we

have to compare it with the sound

of my laptop fan, which when I’m playing

games or rendering it’s like a

jet turbine, we compare it when

we compare, indeed, the sound

of my laptop fan fits without The coolingpad is


three 54 visible, really noisy, sir,

while right around the cooling pad vs. the cooling pad

for the noise level, it’s

around 42 from 54 to 42, that’s

really far, but the claim from cultured is

around 29-30, so yes, the difference is quite

high, maybe was hit and tested in

a room where there was no sound at

all when we drank s in the studio

where there is a silencer, so it can be

42-43 decibels, yes, but it’s

still quiet because of the laptop sound.

I think it’s already really loud, about 54

Desi, that’s about and yes,

what do you think. Is the cooling feat of

being hit by a file? at a

price of 165,000 Rupiah, it can turn yellow,

feat for your laptop. Try writing it

in the comments column because it is priced at 165,000.

It seems you can’t expect more,

maybe a coolingpad above 300

thousand can only cool the laptop, but it

looks very different if

we use

it for networking because for example You put your

laptop on a surface that is just wood,

it’s dangerous for the long term.

Now for the cooling pet, it’s

for the long term to protect the laptop

for the long term so it doesn’t

touch the table surface

directly, right because it’s

supported by the skin being beaten by Juve Lini likes dislike if you like yes it’s bad

and the path for if for example you

haven’t subscribed to this channel I

thank you see you in another video bye bye




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