Flash Hg680p with Micro-G Firmware

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome

again to the channel it’s not here
there is already an STB hg680 friend’s house file and

for this video we will
refresh this hg680p STP with a

freeware from the banks of Madrid this
is hg680p micro J freeware for

I actually discussed this firmware
in a previous video, but because the

video was problematic, it was hit by a violation
from YouTube, so I had to delete it

okay, friends. How do I flash this
hg680 up STB with hg680p

mikroj firmware from Madrid banks, please
friends to watch this video from the

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self – taught

Okay friends, let’s continue for the
tools and materials that need to be prepared

first STP hg680p then USB cable
to male then if STP,

friends, photo adapter, just
prepare the adapter, also prepare the SDK for

our friends a kan
flashing STB hg680 this mythology by

using TWRP Then for
freeware her lips micro Jidan also I

use one more that frimware
probox Manteman for flashing sebaga8

pen using a freeware proxy
I use the help of freeware

Provoked friends so as freeware
product Incidentally has the

same system partition, namely a 2 GB
system partition , but if your STP friends

already have a 2 gigabyte Partition system,
please skip the steps to install

VW for this product, so you can
go directly to install hg680p micro J with

the TWRP method later because we will
flash it first using This probox freeware

is in the form of this image, so
friends, you need to prepare a

clear USB tool, yes, I have prepared my
Kenny USB dizzy tool, yes, let’s just

go ahead, because my STB was not
originally using freeware that

participated in giga, so I replaced the AC first
with the profox freeware.

share in the style of friends, okay?
if friends need the product

firmware, you can click on the link
in the description, OK, let’s enter the

clear USB, first, click on the export media file,
then enter the V probox, OK, already

entered, friends, let’s check the
bootloader, then slice it

wide left already, click start, we
connect the STB hg680 P with a USB cable

email to Meldi usb2, yes as usual
while plugging the Gmail email USB cable, don’t

press the on and off button, we turn it on,

oh yes, immediately formatting,
flashing it, so it doesn’t take

too long for this video to process let’s
just skip it, the flash of the product is successful

and now we move to the view
of the freeware procurement Oh yes,

friends, before we enter the free
product, let’s first copy the firmware

part 80 micro jne to the SD card that
I have prepared for the sd card

friends, you can use the 4 GB one because
here for freeware it’s

1.56 GB. Man, now we copy the freeware
hg680p microphone to my sd-card, the SD

card is already I plug it in,
friends, this is the intention, now it’s

32 GB, for the file type,
friends, you should use the file

type or file system fat32 on the SD card
or micro SD, then we copy the

TWRP hg680p microphone which is
inside the hg680p micro J folder, this file

is the TWRP and TWRP 311 folders, don’t come from
this folder, friends, but in the

folder we copy and paste it here,
hey, okay, okay, friends, for TWRP

, this has worked. I copied it to
my sdcard, okay? Yes, on the top right,

this is the display of my Probox2 which
we flashed earlier at the 68th gas station,

perfect now, let’s put the ice
near it here. Yes, watch it. Now,

let’s add it to the
STD. Hey

, now, let’s move to focus
on the freeware products, OK, friends. friends, yes,

here is a notification that the SD card
is connected, let’s just right click,

I’m using the mouse and the
keyboard, friends, ok, let’s

just focus on the product display
, friends, now we see

if our SD card really
reads Leste B, usually local here.

Well, this is our SD card, Nia TWRP TWRP 311,
then we will open Terminal Emulator,

if friends are using
freeware other than products and there is no

terminal emulator, please install the
Terminal Emulator yourself. OK,

we open Terminal Emulator, now
we type reboot Recovery to

enter recovery mode and we run
TWRP, enter OK, we are already in

recovery mode, we can see some
options, we go to Apple updates

from my activity. Yes, apply update
from each click then select update

from sdcard because we use the
SD card slot, not the Lex USB slot then

select the TWRP 311 dot sip application Oh yes
, let’s leave it

If it’s like this we immediately
select the switch to allow modification, it’s

shifted, the next step we
immediately restore, no need Hi

friends because later if there is a WiFi
error, we will immediately click restore

then select storage then select
the storage or storage is micro sd

card, then click ok, choose this one
. Now, this contains boot, then data,

then logo, then the system will immediately
Sweep to restore

, let’s just let the process
finish, so it doesn’t take too long, I’ll

speed it up okay, friends, the restore
process it’s finished and we immediately

reboot the system here, we can swipe to
install TWRP, don’t install it,

it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, according to taxes,
this automatically restarts and will

enter the new fremware, friends,
okay, friends, we have entered

frame w + micro
c6802 Ribang supports Madrid and we click

just now oh yeah for the nipples, it took
a while, so it’s

just a long wait because it
will go into the desktop environment

from this freeware, OK, this looks
like this wallpaper, it’s perfect for

having a bank Madrid-bank and then we
look for this freeware application ya

long enough yes yes friends
actually So there may be some

a applications that can’t be used Okay,
now let’s connect the wi-fi,

friends, for the WiFi it’s connected
properly, I’ll set the screen first

because I don’t see it on
my monitor screen , the green

resolution is too high, the monitor is
n’t strong

Next, Suba, for YouTube,
friends, can you still do

this YouTube OK, YouTube is still
running, friends, let’s try


Hey, this lizard is one, yes, yes, this is possible.
Then here is the YouTube Kids

YouTube fanfest for Smart YouTube
, friends. yes all caps we

saw that was YouTube’s nothing
on his ads Okay ant YouTube also smoothly

once we were good again wrote directly
then there PlayStore we see

PlayStore her
Hai to PlayStore his response to this

long time friends ya What for
internet affection that slow buildup or

the one that really needs to be
upgraded is the playstore , then, friends,

just upgrade to the playstore if the
playstore doesn’t can

friends can alternatively
use aptoid this TV yes to

aptoid TV smoothly is absolutely no

at ya friends yes then no
bonus matv if this indeed can not

already closed the application then
there is Chrome nah’s friends

Ya’s Groups also smooth then disinfo
we see for free space it’s

still 2.9 GB Ria then the system is also
here only 904 MB for film ambassadors

, friends, yes, then this microsetting is
related to the Playstore, it

doesn’t need to be tampered with anymore Then
mkc TV too the channel is no longer available

because it may have
expired, because it was freeware a long time ago,

for friends who like PSP here,
there is also a pkol, yes PS2 can be used,

then Redbox TV can also be used,
some of the channels ca n’t

work, but some can be used later
. Screenshot include her yes to

this visionplus need to sign-in ya
ya shark friends to ask for an upgrade

innate friends but when
in-upgrad I don’t want this, so I just

download it again for Fudy aptoid TV
, friends, for this Spot pattern

, there is no TV channel list,
so I’ll show you

screenshots of some successful

PKs. Hey, here’s a screenshot from the film ambassador
, friends. movie Resident Evil 2021

newest then here is redbox TV
friends to redbox TV

friends later made that if there is an
option to link to select who link2

yes because some link this one is
not able to or have already expired may be yes

well, this Fox Sport. If I’m not mistaken,
this is redbox TV, too, yes, Sport TV.

This is an investigation brake. This is a children’s show,
yes, this cartoon is Nito. This is also Disney Channel.

This is for visionplus, asking for sign-in.
Then this is for a view, which I

installed myself, like that
, friends. for freeware from

the banks of Madrid the 80v mikroj section is quite
easy, friends on this hg680p and

maybe because here bro
there is still quite a lot of 2.9 GB free, please

The Moon add it yourself for
a applications that may

no longer work here, delete them and
add them again with applications

that are still running OK, friends
, just like that first, for our freeware

, this time hg680p mikroj from Bang
dopeng Madrid Thank you friends

for watching the video this is from the beginning to the
end Don’t forget to like share and

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a new video from the ideal channel no
thank you wassalamualaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh see you
again in the next video


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