Firmware For STB B860H v1_v2 It’s Similar To Pulpstone Firmware

Hello friends, Assalamualaikum
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome

again to the ideal channel, not
here, there is already an STB b860h,

version 2, friends, for this video
tutorial, we will make this STB

fresh again with freeware, which of
course is no less interesting and no

less good with the previous
freeware , friends, yes, for

this primer, it is named Aero
freeware, this is for b860h version

1 and version 2 for friends who
still have version one, you can use

this freeware and for Android the
version is version 6 for River,

no can be used on hg680p Yes
friends, later friends please

for those who want to taste this freeware you
can download via the description link of

this video, yes, for this freeware we will
flash it with the update er method and

for friends who want to see
what it looks like from this freeware,

friends, watch this video
from start to finish Don’t forget to

like share and subscribe be and press the
bell so that friends can get

notifications if there is a new video the
ideal channel is not

OK friends for the tools and materials
that need to be prepared of course the b860h

STB can be ver 1 version 2 then the USB altmile
table for my tuition is from PT

stage no need to use an adapter cable
or power source from the adapter,

then the next one is freeware
. Oh, it can be downloaded later,

yes. Then for the next supporting software
, namely clear USB, this tool is

only a detector. Is the SPP
already connected to a PC with a

friend and of course the driver is a
friend -personal yes b860h STB drivers

are already installed on your PC or laptop
friends just check drivers As

always yes in the Device Manager Device
Manager is yes then now live USB

World Cup Well it’s drivers for
friends to this Aero b860h freeware

version 1 and these 2 Android 6, it is
reported that the way to install the apk is

similar to when we
install the apk. in parts town, friends

, OK, let’s just flash my STB
using the freeware Aero, we

go to the USB Perning tool, we
connect it first, friends. Yes, as

usual, enter this USB 2 then
press the power button, insert the cable

into USB 2, it looks like
yes Connex successfully After that we

went straight to the Aero nah it’s
freeware its contents like this yea there are

Windows patch this well for such tools
that have water reflasher Then to

update crispy in here
or a friend but no need to be opened

for this tool for later
it’s detected that there’s a virus in it,

friends, let’s just leave it alone, don’t
open it, now we just

flash it, it’s an aerobic laser, yes, we click

hi, okay, here, amlogic s905x,
then we select number 2, scene device

, is it really connected?
it turns out that it has a virus, OK, let’s do this first

for the antivirus or windows security
. I’ll turn it off first, friends, number

2, it looks like it’s already connected, if it’s
STP it has been detected in the MP tool device

list, continue and the flash flash process
is like our flash process, yes, it’s like

on the keyboard, then Ken Ah, let it

Hi, I’m in the process now,
there are no errors, yes, in my STP, this

is normal, friends for the SPP
, if your SPP friends are not

normal, yes, it wo
n’t run until it flashes Aero,

usually in the first part, yes, this
is an error, usually the bootloader

, friends on my channel, there are already
instructions, for the bootloop

usually happens because the bootloader is
broken Now, yes, b860h is already there, hg680p is

also available, please Later friends,
if there is a Putro, there is already a cure

or there is a way to fix it on
my channel Okay, so it’s not the

longest video, I’ll just skip
this part Okay friends for

flashing STP b860 I use
freeware Ironi is finished here

then we select uh ok ok
just exit and now we try this STB

b860h hi on television and we’ll
see what the APK looks like. Watch the

video until it’s finished
, friends. Okay, friends, we’ve

entered the freeware Aero, and it
looks like this, it’s very

light , or friends, it’s light
in version 2, maybe version 1 is also light.

friends, don’t connect the wi-fi
first , okay, the WiFi is well connected

, then fake, let’s go first to the
Terminal Emulator, actually for the

apk it’s still not all installed,
now what I said was similar

to how to install the APK when in the
freeware valstone, we enter the Terminal

Emulator. Well, when we first enter the nezu
or we enter the root mode kwenter

then here select Grand
Oh yes then here type out

707 try
707 yatman yes to enter the Aero amlogic menu

yes here there are several menu
options yes the first to install the

UseeTV app, subscribe profile plus extreme
iptv , now for those who subscribe to

UseeTV, I’ll just choose number 3,
friends, because I’m not a UseeTV

subscriber and this is to Let’s see,
friends , I’m looking for freeware for

UseeTV subscribers, now it turns out that there is
this freeware Aero, which later friends

who were looking for it yesterday can use
this firmware Aero OK, I chose number 3 then

enter OK, I’ve installed the process please be
passion, this is installing the APK yes, this

is very similar to the APK installation
process in the Epson frame,

yes, friends who have
used top Stone, which is now

closed, yes. This will definitely
remind us how we

installed APK through
91 on pop Stone Okay friends, for the

process I’ll just skip this, it’s not
too long. Okay, friends, the

process of installing the apk is complete,
yes and it automatically restarts and goes back

into the Aero freeware, friends, let’s see
for the applications that have been

installed, there are quite a few that are
similar too this is with valstone, yes,

there is YouTube here, then Smart
YouTube YouTube Kids has VLC, then

we’ll see first to be informed,
friends, the data is m Thank you, 3.1 GB is free,

now there’s still a lot of free
space in the data section,

friends, you can install maybe
applications that aren’t here yet.

Then for aptoid TV, we also have this,
let’s open ptv first, okay, aptoid TV

can be used smoothly, okay?
Hi to the browser’s try ya Is it

normal browser okay too good response
also friends this is yes then here

are Disney plus also yes it can be
used, we will see in ES File Explorer

for screenshot.apk that I have
tried so mainly PK entertainment we see

Well, this is TNI, first of all, this is for
film ambassadors, friends, I tried

this film ambassador , Venom LED Derby Carnage
in 2021, now this is also very smooth,

there is English subtitles, this is the
full version , yes, then it’s here plus

friends, you can open it Yes, I’ll try it
for those who were looking for it yesterday, plus

pure HP Oppo. Now, this is a smooth
WTV Aflich , friends. If you

can screenshot it here , I’ve
tried it for other freeware

. isa in the screenshot for
with TV but for this freeware Aero

can do this, yes, it’s pretty good, it’s similar
to pop Stone, then here’s a video,

then this is visionplus, now this is Byson
plus, I still need to register for this ES File

Explorer, I installed it myself.
Hatton can install it from aptoide TV

then next we try Smart
YouTube looks Smart YouTube okay,

let’s see first, let’s try it for smart
youtube, let’s see it or not,

let’s try one so this is my channel
, friends, it can be used for all

covers for YouTube time this doesn’t
have ads, friends, the YouTube

version doesn’t have ads, so no
ads appear in the middle of a video

like this because I thought it was OK,
we’re good.

Let’s try the regular YouTube for a
faster response. The regular YouTube

is an element, isn’t it? let’s try logging
into my channel again. Yes, let’s try

this. Now, this is for regular YouTube.
Another Atik, friends, yes, if

the previous one wasn’t in the clan, i No ni
ya its ads as it is for a regular

YouTube and smart smart YouTube YouTube
difference was then already root

SuperSU here are his SuperSU then
we try YouTube Kids OK sign out Youtube Styles

Kids should wear disposable mousya
keyboard or use the remote yes

friends friends yes is perfect for
friends who already have children ya ya

because these impressions I feel pretty
safe yes okay well this yes YouTube kids perfectly

safe for children watch
friends nah Hi ya ya okay

friends like this to freeware
Aero, father from Bang Aero, of course,

thank you once again for Bang Aero
who has wanted to share this freeware

and for friends who want to
download it, please download it via the

link described in this video, that’s all
for our video this time about the

Aero freeware. of course this
reminds us of partstown freeware,

how to install the apk, thank
you friends for watching this video

from start to finish Don’t forget to
like share and subscribe and press the

bell so friends can get
notifications if there is a new video from the cell

it’s self-taught thank you
wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh see you again in the next


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