Firmware For Hg680p

hello hello friends Assalamualaikum

warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Welcome again to the Eiger channel no OK

friends for videos Previously I

have discussed about p80h freeware

which can be flashed in version 1 and version 2

friends, for those who haven’t

seen the video, please go to the

ideal channel, don’t watch can see

this video, yes and for this video

it’s still with STB and we

use STP hg680p friends, for

this freeware, the developer is still the same

as the freeware in STB b860h, the

primary is freeware hg680 by

Antonio, the same as in this freeware

for details install it I won’t show

it here because in the

previous video I’ve

shown a lot how to install or how to flash

fremware part 80v or gv80 or

in b760h, friends,

just scroll or just surf for re-videos,

there are lots of them on my channel,

OK for those want to know what

this freeware looks like, please n

friends, watch this video from beginning

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freeware hg680p by Antonio

, these are the tools that need to be prepared,

of course STB hg680

then friends, prepare a maltu melya USB cable,

of course, friends

already understand, yes, a USB To Me cable with

both ends the same as USB,

then friends

please download freeware from Bang

Antonio, yes freeware for hg680p

later in the description column I will include the

link and also yes the software for the laser

tool we will use this USB

perning tool, friends,

for the version it’s up to any version,

yes for my version 2.1 .6 point

5 and don’t forget to also prepare or

install the hg680p driver division, friends,

then we’ll see for fr This eeware hg680

by Anton, my friends,

will download the form, it’s a rar,


660 MB, then just extract it. No

password, if you have extracted it, it

will be 1.1 GB


. later to a

clear USB tool like that, when it’s done

later, just randomize the iress

boot loader, which means that the Pires flash is checked,

then click

start and click start, then it will be connected

or plugged in the victim’s USB to usb2

on STP six 80v, friends, if

there is a break in the middle of the road or an error

when flashing, don’t worry, there is already

a tool break. Come on down to unbreak

if friends want to see also

how to solve an error or bootloop, there is a

hg680p tutorial on the ide channel or

not, it’s already there, I’ve

given a tutorial on how to solve bootloop

on here just searching here bootloop

hg680p Now later it will appear, yes Some

videos that I have made a theme n-friends,

this is it,

Hi, Hi, it’s like that. Now we

will move on to the display or we will

see what kind of freeware from Bang

Antonio I have flashed on the STB

hg680 and when I flash it

there are no problems Okay friends, we have

it’s on the hg680 fremware Antonio yes for the

first time booting or loading which

when entering the firmware there is

an Android TV logo If I’m not mistaken yes and

for the login process from the logo to the os

or to the desktop environment, yes or

to the Android display it takes It’s been a

long time, friends, so do

n’t hesitate if you don’t have to

worry if the nipples are long, OK,

for the launcher like this, it’s the same

as the Launcher on 80h.



in this driver update

, the application is also the same

as the one in cream w800h, yes, there are still a

few friends, so this

provides enough space for a lot

for friends, you can install

other applications, let’s try

it for YouTube as usual


Hi Keh for YouTube, it’s fast enough, try

this one, yes, it’s smooth, you

can connect directly, you can see

the video here, OK,

like it’s the best, so let’s

try the idea or not, here it is, OK,

now, this is easy, friends,

it’s really easy on the 80v agenda. Great, there

are no problems and it’s smooth, one more guess

to sign-in, I think we can try

this Panda to sign- OK, let’s

go to this first, let’s try the Play Store,

friends, because

Playstore is also available here. Well, this is the Google

Play Store. Keke, go straight to the Google

Playstore, try it.


yes, let’s see

if there is an error. Great if yesterday

when defended by 60 things, version 1 version

2, yes for the previous freeware

an error occurred but if it’s

everywhere by Anto nio, the hg680p

is running smoothly, friends, Google

Play, there are no problems, you can directly

enter the playstore, friends, it’s great, you

can try it later

, friends, it’s smooth, there

are no problems. Let’s go to YouTube

again, is the YouTube account Yes, you can


Let’s try signing in.

Hey, welcome. Okay, it turns out that you can sign-in, yes,

for my Google account, you can also sign in

to YouTube.


there are

some that can or not Now

for freeware by Antonio

, friends can sign-in then

here there is also a film ambassador then ES

File Explorer, yes, it’s the same as in

b680h like then there is a live channel,

I’ll try it first for APK APK

watch TV and watch the movie Okay,

friends, for the application I

tried, for example, this movie. Yes, as

usual, I can’t show

shows from film photos and also the live

channel yo yo for live chat This annel does

n’t work for Dutafilm, it’s really smooth,

there’s subtitles too, so basically

for Duta, this film can be used

properly, the genitals, then there’s also McClean

, the ads are also running

smoothly and easily in memory, clear

then here’s Paypal for Android.

here, we have Apple TV

, we haven’t had time to try it yet, let’s

see aptoid TV. Do you want to install it from

Apple TV, here is the Google app for

Android? Now, let’s try to install Google out,

already Keno pendis HP okay, don’t want to come here

, there is also Smart YouTube, friends,

because let’s install Smart YouTube

Hey, let’s try it. Can the aptoid

tv install the application, okay, it’s

fast enough, friends at Grand Grand,

it’s okay. Yes, for smart YouTube,

we have successfully installed it, we just need to click

Open, let’s see there

PPKN filter Ads or other content to

improve Okay Do you agree to the death

Yes it says this can filter

edya Does Eza still have pandas, let’s see

co there is one, okay, now there is no

ac, there are no ads. Okay, let’s

try another one, go to

10, let’s try 1, okay. Naff seems

to be able to block this ad for

this smart one.


This one seems to be a

phone, I’ll try it, friends, because

there was already a notification that it could

block ads, okay, like that,

friends, for the fremware from Bang

Antonio, which is quite a bit for

the default application, so you can make

room for friends who want

installing other applications

for Google planet is quite stable Okay

friends like that for

our video this time yes for friends who

want to download this freeware

please just download the link or

download the freeware via the link in the

description of this video Okay friends -friends,

thank you for watching this video from

start to finish. Don’t forget to like

share and subscribe and press the

bell so that friends can

get notifications if there is a

new video from the self-taught idea channel,

thank you wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi

wabarakatuh See you again Hi video


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