Classy Affordable Gaming Chair! – Gamen Empire Review

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Hey close ah OK, finally we feel

the gaming chair, because yesterday we were

still using the random chair,

even yesterday I used to have an

instastory on January 1, I’m still editing

with the suitcase, sir, and yes,

the short story is that we moved to

Bekasi and I can’t carry a

lot of stuff like that, the other stuff in the

cargo info isn’t there yet until okay, finally

we found a gaming chair from

an Indonesian game. This is how Empire is

crazy from the name

alone, it doesn’t sound familiar to the ears.


Onesia means that. Where is the

viral game, follow Sun Empire Chemfair,

joking style and this is a

red-red Empire gaming chair.

WIB, you are top notch, the product is

German-Indonesian, because the game

often reviews on my channel, I

detect that it has quality goods,

but for the price, you

can still say it’s over the top or

it’s affordable by Gilang d It’s really fitting that you

want ahead of the Lunar New Year, you’ll definitely

get a romodong. Really, you can

get interesting promos during the

German Lunar New Year, the promo starts

from 25 Jan 4 3 Feb 2002 Yes,

you can’t go directly to the

official website Digimon for information

about the game but before this,

this chair as a chair came in

a big box, it was even packaged with

a wooden name and so it’s

really really safe, man and

before we review this Empire gaming chair,

let’s first look at the assembly process for

this Empire gaming chair. Okay, here’s the

assembly, the box is already imagining the

big Nissan break, there’s just a lot of content and

the first big one is plastic

which contains worldly furniture and then there are

support legs that look like

spongebob, there’s paper with

instructions for further assembly, there’s a seat back,

then there’s also a holder.

Get two pillows, each

for lumbar support and the haters are still

there, bro a mechanical stem that uses a

butterfly to eat, then there is a box containing

a hydraulic tube and finally a plastic

cover and the five wheels for this Empire game chair

, we’ll anbox it

right away, we’re just the people, the

Empire gaming chair, if for example

you have friends, call a friend to

help hold it That’s right, if you don’t

have friends, yes, yes, I also realize that

the older

you are, the less likely you come.





Don’t forget the

plastic cover too, bro, next we install the

product, the mechanism, the seat position,

attach it with four bolts, if it’s just

attached to the leg,

the hydraulic tube is already real, it’s moved to the

back, we’ll pair it first for the

support, don’t forget to pay attention to

the game logo, don’t turn it upside down and

install it. also wipe the neck pillow The

next step is to attach the

backrest, there are two iron

hooks, we have to bring it when it’s down,

all you have to do is cover it with a plastic cover, it

looks neat and Tarah, as

you can see, now the Empire gaming chair is

ready to be assembled and ready to be

enjoyed. The machine is ready to be occupied by a

democratic period for

I personally like the look of the unit, bre, the

color combination really comes in. The color is

dominated by dark gray mixed with black and there are

several lists and regiments that use

red. This PD draws a line in the

form of original stitches on the seat and the

backrest is also unique, not symmetrical, so it

looks different, tweet The

rear view is also still sad to see there are

some carbon finishing on the

right and left unfortunately, this brainly game

is too much, doesn’t that mean

, for the back, just one is enough,

if the branding in front is

not too much of a problem because when

we sit down, it will we cover our bodies

but always do politics This is topnotch, for

its class, the frame is

definitely full stainless steel, which is sturdy,

durable and of course anti-

rust. Click with hydraulics for the class 4 gaslift category.

This device is claimed to be able to withstand

static loads of up to 150 kg, so Benny’s

chair can support his weight

up to 150 kg. Beautiful maximum just remember

It’s static, different from Makita, which moves

when you sit down, right, so maybe the

brush has the names of 120 kg, it’s still good for that kind of

weight and the

shape is solid but still smoky, it

has a squeak, especially on the front of the

seat, which will support our thighs. The

skin layer is also comfortable. make it

in an air-conditioned room because it uses

PU leather material which has minimal pores

but yes, if you are in a humid room

or not using air conditioning, you will feel really good,

Blanca’s child is lumbar support and the

haters are comfortable, bye these two pillows

are really important, bro The insert is to

support the tailbone while the

headrest pillow is to support

the neck bone so that you stay healthy So B

budget for a relaxing massage can be

used for other things, live Goa, for example

for other features, even if you use

Butterfly Meccanism which only has one

lever, this Empire game can still swing

like a gaming chair that uses a blog

mechanism for reclining, it can be from

90 ° until it is flat at 180° The blade can be

used for Lebaran, right, sir,

ngejunk Club. If Andre uses a font too, but

the density is tighter, so it’s

not too soft for

flexibility, you can only use Direction

, which is up and down and Sevel is not okay

with the left. That’s Direction

is enough than One Direction Gem

Okay now let’s just jump to the

conclusion so this is an Empire gaming chair

for the price itself now

it’s a promo, how’s the promo for the Lunar New Year party that

costs around

2109375 3632012 crazy that’s a discount of up to a

million and a half And for the guarantee

itself, what about after I see on

the warranty card as much as one glass is the

same k Sort of like this, yes, you could say

the warranty card is one year, yes, it’s the same as

other games. So,

my conclusion, according to him, is that it’s

valued at

2109375. Goodbye, bought it because

it already has a butterfly and a mechanism skirt.

So besides we can

lie down, we can also,

sir, this is a chair speedrun gaming is

really worth it because for prognathism

usually it’s on an expensive gaming chair, coy,

not on a 2 million gaming chair, you know,

so this Empire game for the

mechanism is quite complete

even though the price is only two million and

for this ideal posture my height is

around 180 cm and for my weight of

about 76 kg, this is

really an ideal posture, even

my head also took off the Primary, actually

this gaming chair and what I like the most is the

lumbar support, I don’t know how big it is,

so here I don’t know how to

burden it. I have


this MPR gaming chair, what do you think? is

in the comments column like the video call,

like it if it’s bad and don’t forget

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